Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Welcome to A Gracing Maze! First, a note about the name (it's not just a play on words that I couldn't resist). I often find myself explaining that a labyrinth is not a maze: a maze is a puzzle, full of tricks and false turnings where we can easily get lost, while a labyrinth has only one path which always in to the centre and out again, however much it twists and turns. But this is a modern distinction. In earlier times the words 'maze' and 'labyrinth' were interchangeable. No one knows exactly what 'labyrinth' means - it came into Greek from a more ancient language. A 'maze', however, is obviously 'amazing' - a good word for the experience of prayerful labyrinth-walking, which can be a taste of what Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel called radical amazement: what we feel when we sense a touch of the Divine.

So a labyrinth can be A Gracing Maze. It doesn't demand that we come with gifts of cleverness and cunning. It offers a place for us to receive gifts, graces, if we walk with open hands and heart.

I hope you will want to be part of this blog (maybe to join as a follower) and share your experiences of walking the labyrinth, especially in the city. You are very welcome.