Monday, 2 July 2012

Going round in circles?

...I think I must have been lately! My apologies for not posting anything for such a long time - and welcome to the new members who I see have joined me in my ramblings! I admire your patience and optimism; there will be something worth reading here soon (and I can say this because my colleague Joan - see the Sacred Spirals page by clicking the tab above - has written something about her time walking the Chartres labyrinth, which I shall be getting around to posting in due course). Actually I think it has been right for me to focus on the one little bit of path in front of me for the last month or so, for it's been filled with both delightful stepping-stones and and a few obstacles I might have stumbled over. I was reminding a group only yesterday of my favourite saying that walking the labyrinth is a way of praying that no angel can pray - yet of course there's a flip side to being human and that's my potential for over-business and the resultant over-tiredness; I need to take one step at a time, and those steps have of late been concerned with teaching, facilitating and various deadlines. But I'm longing to get back to blogging, and I'll be there soon. In the meantime, thanks again for walking with me - and watch this space!


  1. Taking one step at a time sounds a wise policy. I'm sure what you and Joan have to say will be well worth the wait!

  2. Thanks! Yes, plodding on... Roll on August!!


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