Monday, 23 July 2012

labyrinthine bits & pieces

A cloudscape over Fen Court, seen from the labyrinth there.  Yes, we do see some sky in the City of London - and beautiful it is. I've chosen this picture because I've been taking part in some fascinating online discussions with other spiritual directors about labrinth walking as a tool for prayer and discernment. One very interesting strand was about contemplation: does a person need to be a contemplative to walk the labyrinth? That deserves a post of its own (which I've promised to the person who posed the question); but I was struck by how many people felt it was essential to walk the labyrinth under an open sky. I did feel wistful reading of the beautiful settings some of my fellow walkers are blessed to be able to enjoy. I think, though, that the labyrinth can be a truly Gracing Maze wherever it is walked. The Urban Quiet labyrinth is usually spread out in a church or hall; Fen Court offers a tantalising glimpse of sky between the City towers.

I wanted to share with you some labyrinth resources I've discovered recently. First, two blogs I enjoy reading: the author of Growing Greenpatches  shares and illustrates some labyrinthine experiences, while A Letter From Home has ideas for drawing your own.

At the Gratefulness website you can "walk" an online labyrinth, choosing whether to be carried around or walk under your own power.

I've treated myself to two new (to me, anyway) labyrinth apps for my iPad. Finger Labyrinth HD offers 10 different labyrinths to "walk" with a choice of colours for the lines or background. If you want sounds there's a choice of natural sounds or music, or you can use your own music from iTunes.  You "walk" with your finger, with or without trailing virtual "clouds of glory". There's a short but useful "how to" section and some history (though it says Ely Cathedral is in London!)

iPause offers six labyrinth designs, new age instrumental music or, again, your own iTunes selection. Watch a marble roll around the labyrinth of its own volition, or move it yourself with your finger.

Please share any labyrinth resources you've found!

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